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Zonk’t – Beat Wins You And Me

Zonk't - Beat Wins You And Me

12″ EP, Sound On Probation, 2009

Former member of the cult industrial french band Nox, Laurent Perrier is now running the label Sound on Probation and releasing choreographic music under his own name, as well as jazzy / electronic compositions with his project Heal. Enough to keep the man busy, one could say… But besides that, he still finds time to explore other musical paths under his alias Zonk’t.
Glitch, dub, industrial, experimental… Many terms have been used to describe Zonk’t tracks and universe, and that’s the reflection of the diversity of the sounds he uses in his compositions. Purring basses are here mixed with a wide range of glitches and pinkings and with repetitive tribal percussion loops ; straight structures and sonic experimentations are skillfully combined to obtain a final result which is at the same time made of true musicality and of noisy soundscapes. On some tracks the rythms are quite heavy, dubby (“War”) or industrial-like (“Pore”), on other ones the percussion loops are kind of aerial, but still mixed with droning textures (“Glaire”).
As I said before, Zonk’t is only one of the many sides of a multifaceted artist who truly deserves to be discovered, for those of you who don’t know him yet… And Zonk’t may be the ideal first step to penetrate into his universe, because it remains pretty accessible for a listener who’s not used to this kind of music yet, even if it often tends to fit into the experimental genre.


— Olivier Noel

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