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V/A – The Clock Machine Turns You On: Volume 2

V/A - The Clock Machine Turns You On: Volume 2

2CD, Malicious Damage, 2008

This compilation is at first very confusing in the variety of genres involved, but as a whole an incredible collection of songs, with genres varying from industrial rock to punk, to dub, to hip-hop and to electro.
The first disc kicks off with Killing Joke playing some ambient dub and is quickly followed by the Transmission’s “Grade”. This song carries you along with soulful guitars gliding to and fro through space as a distant organ brings things to a crescendo of epic proportions. The next track is the complete reverse. Bloodsport kicks off with some experimental sampling and slams right into classic NYC punk with “Bodies”. The Orb has some standout tracks, such as “Ba’albeck” with its ethnic percussions and FX-heavy didgeridoo and “The Sail”. Some surprises on this compilation include Bob Meyer’s acoustic guitar jam (“Escondedo”) and Canola Tenderfoot’s IDM adventure (“First Come First Served”). The gems of the second disc are Shriekback’s “Bittersweet”, Caned and Able’s “Orchestra” and Beatundercontrol’s “Departure”. “Bittersweet” is a slow-paced, moody song reminiscent of Nick Cave with subtle guitars, female backing vocals and low pads. “Orchestra” is one beautifully executed wave of piano highlights among filtered male and female vocals which climb in intensity as the cutoff rotates, raising them to the forefront of the song. “Departure” is the perfect conclusion to this compilation with its soothing, bittersweet symphony.
This varied collection offers up some great music from Smartyr, Killing Joke, Transit Kings, The Sun Paulo and Analogue Mindfield. It seems to have something for every listener, which is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time as this may draw in a listener to enjoy some new music or urge them to quickly hit eject.


— James Church

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