Tag: 2009

Persona – Ruïnes

On this lengthy record Persona attempts folk, martial, dark ambient, neo-classical and even power electronics – and finds success with none of them. Nonetheless, I give this band credit for trying to mix so many styles, often two or three per song. Although some interesting elements make an appearance here, especially the neofolk-ish instrumentation, as a whole, Persona is unable to craft memorable, finished-sounding tracks.

Hall of Mirrors – Forgotten Realm

Sound-wise, “Forgotten Realm” is a dark, etho-ambient record that is a bit reminiscent of Steve Roach, Alio Die, or some Robert Rich. The album art provides a fitting visual representation of the contents of this record: evocative soundscapes that bring to mind exploring ruined jungle temples and the rites of the forgotten primeval tribe who built them.