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Various – Drone-Mind // Mind-Drone Vol. 1

Various – Drone-Mind, Mind-Drone Vol. 1

12″, Drone Records, 2011
“El Rey ha muerto. ¡Larga vida al Rey!”
It took Stefan Knappe 18 years to fill the roster of one hundred 7″ releases on Drone records. Since the first 7″ by his own Maeror Tri (which was actually predated with a cassette release in 1991, also by Maeror Tri) Drone Records has been a home for artists to release their sounds on the sacred vinyl as well as get a chance to deliver their own artwork.
The simple artwork yet immense thick drones by Yen Pox (DR-15), the “Fuck, how am I gonna send out 250 metal plates”-release by [multer] (DR-51) and the fragile boxed edition by Xabec (DR-92). Very well-known as well as completely unknown artists, who either made it or not, they are a part of Drone’s 18-year history of vinyl releases.
But times, they are a-changing. It is time for something new, and the chosen format is vinyl, LP, and four artists per release to promote their sounds and become part of the family. On this first release in the new series, pressed in solid white, green, gold and black / orange mixed vinyl, we get acquainted with new works by four artists from different scenes: Ubeboet, Halo Manash, Jarl and B°Tong.
And no, for a change me, your humble reviewer, will not go in depth into all the tracks and describe them for you. Because if you made it this far already, you know you want this album, and you are going to buy it.
What makes this release a definite must-have is the same reason why you visit festivals with sounds, music and sound-art. Even if you don’t know all this artists or there is a track you maybe don’t like at the beginning, it fits the release as a whole. Exploration of artistic depths and differences, very well combined by ‘His Masters Drone’, Stefan Knappe.
Four days before the year 2011 is over, this release solidly puts itself in the annual Top Three. Without any doubt!


— Bauke van der Wal

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