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Coph’antae Tryr / Kolpakopf / Neuf Le Muet / Nedicry

Cold Graey is a Russian label (or more precisely from Novosibirsk, Siberia) which work with extremely limited CDR edition releases (57 copies) of noise, dark ambient and experimental music. After they sell out, the releases are put up for free download on their net label division, which is indeed a pretty nice approach. Let’s take a look at four of their recent records, from four different projects.

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Coph'antae Tryr - Kyrleet
Coph’antae Tryr “Kyrleet”
CD-R/digital, Cold Graey, 2008
Kolpakopf - Wet
Kolpakopf “Wet”
CD-R/digital, Cold Graey, ?
Coph’antae Tryr’s “Kyrlett” and Kolpakopf’s Wet can both obviously be defined as abrasive, creepy old-school
dark ambient, and they pretty much give you the right idea about the label’s main artistic direction, although Kolpakopf’s tracks are more experimental oriented, and Coph’antae Tryr are slightly more melodic.
Nevertheless, gloomy atmospheres, microsound and complex layered textures are basically the done thing here. Not particularly original, but undeniably enjoyable for the genre’s followers, or for listeners who simply want their spirit to travel through weird, inspiring lands.

Neuf Le Muet - Murderous Mind
Neuf Le Muet “Murderous Mind”
CD-R/digital, Cold Graey, ?
Neuf Le Muet’s “Murderous Mind” sets a completely different mood. What we have here is a hybrid, off the beaten track musical blend: new wave, trip hop and ambient are only a few of the many influences we can perceive here. Intense female vocals, mesmerizing guitar and piano melodies, tribal rhythms are up among the ingredients list used here to trigger a whole range of different emotions all the way through the six tracks of this mini-CD-R. Some tracks even display a disturbing childish feeling, such as “Still Doll”, which sounds like a desecrated nursery rhyme.

Nedicry Sincere Frustration
Nedicry “Sincere Frustration”
CD-R/digital, Cold Graey, 2009
Last but not least, comes Nedicry’s “Sincere Frustration”, the second opus of a two-volume work initiated with “Sincere Wounds”, which was more dark ambient oriented, even though it sounded quite melodic and included a pretty emphasized string section. This new album goes one step further into these neo-classical inclinations. Strings melodies and pads are prominent here, even taking precedence over the electronics from time to time. The result is a very ethereal and sometimes not so gloomy ambience which is upheld from the beginning to the end of the record, without any lull. You’d better hold your breath and get ready for an unusual journey.

Cold Graey is a label definitely worthy of interest, with a good state of mind and some obscure acts you won’t hear about anywhere else. These sound like good enough reasons to give it a try, in my humble opinion.


— Olivier Noel

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