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End – The Dangerous Class

End - The Dangerous Class

CD, Hymen Records, 2009

I have to get straight to the point with this one. I honestly think this is the soundtrack to my inevitable mental breakdown. We know there is some weird music out there, but this is certainly some of the strangest that I’ve heard in some time and with that it brings mental imagery that nothing else could possibly inspire… Rockabilly, Surf Music, Breakcore, Hunter S. Thompson, 1920’s Flapper Girls and much, much more besides.
Some of you may have already heard previous End releases on Hymen Records or, more recently, his contribution to the compilation “Miwak Twelve” compilation (also on Hymen), so you could already be prepared, but for those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s like a breakcore artist went and pillaged their way through their grandparents record collection, and added their own twist on things, with equally warped vocal samples. “Jailbait Rock” (also featured on “Miwak Twelve”) is like the entire “Pulp Fiction” soundtrack but on acid, “Misspent Youth” could be the sound of a Russ Meyer movie. And”Pills To Make You Fun” absolutely should not be listened to under the titles influence, ever, like, ever.
The album does bring some very vivid responses, and, as you can see so far, it makes you imagine how it could be used, where the hell the samples came from, and what kind of twisted person could make something like this. Personally, I’d love to see how this comes across in a live setting!
I am trying to approach this review in a serious manner by giving a more varied write up, but it’s just not possible. The whole album is gloriously insane, in the most mind-bending way possible. I really like it, but I can understand that it might turn some people off because of the fact it is so ‘out there’. If you can approach the album, as a whole, without taking it too seriously and let your imagination go a bit wild, you’ll love it – otherwise you might want to give this one a miss. It’s a seriously mixed-up, but endearing, mess. I for one, look forward to my mental breakdown, and will continue to listen to this until that happens!


— Kate Turgoose

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