Xill Pill

Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Noises Of Russia – Solitude In Society (Enjoy The Silence)
[Rush For Black Celebration – Russian Industrial Depeche Mode Tribute – Kult Front]
Thermidor – Anjo Esquecido
[Poema 6self-released]
Jjango Cleefworth Morriconez – Desert Prayer
[The Poquito Pioneer – Wil-Ru Records]
D.Forma – unplayedtrack3
[Amplia Grey – Lovethechaos]
Whourkr – Santo
[Concrete – Crucial Blast]
Strange2 & Nev.Era – La Inocencia
[Diario Sonoro – Lovethechaos]
Plaster – Trasversal
[Platforms – Kvitnu]
Rope – Vectran
[Techouva – OPN Records]
Nonnon – K9D
[El Socialismo – Automation Records]
Hecq – Shutter
[Avenger – Hymen Records]
Babylone Chaos – Rebel Failure
[Bodies Flying Under The Clouds – OPN Records]
Vitor Joaquim – Filaments Of Devotion
[Filament – Kvitnu]
Whourkr – Skovsnails
[Concrete – Crucial Blast]

“Xill Pill” was originally put together as a guest podcast for Xiled Radio. Check them out weekly!

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— music selection & mixing by M.

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