Mobthrow – Mobthrow

This very promising debut release from Mobthrow presents an album that is, for the most part, full of mellow drum’n’bass and dubstep, but enhanced with a number of different characteristics. The album is quite moody, emotive and sullen, often having a meditative aspect to it.

Karsten Pflum – No Noia My Love

Karsten Pflum presents “No Noia My Love”, which showcases a wide range of electronic styles. Classified as mellow electronic dance music, each track seamlessly flows into the next, so that the entire album comes together as a single, cohesive piece. This is a strong release from an artist I was previously not at all familiar with.

Sinsect – Bug Life

If you’re looking for a release that provides pounding rhythms that will lead to armageddon on the dance floor, look no further than the second full length from Texas artist Sinsect, titled “Bug Life”. This disc will drive you into submission with its harsh sounds, pummeling machine rhythms, and distorted, screaming vocals.

Digicore – Without Freedom

If you like a lot of thrashy rock with just a small helping of electronics, this might be right up your alley; otherwise there is nothing that sets this apart from other rock bands where electronics are used. This is not an electronic-styled release by any stretch of the imagination, but songs later in the album incorporate a much stronger electronic element that make listening much more enjoyable.