13th Monkey – Return of the Monkey

This second official release from 13th Monkey is what you would most likely expect from a release on the Hands label – pounding, distorted rhythms with plenty of harsh noises thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately, there is not a lot to differentiate “Return of the Monkey” from a large majority of other rhythmic noise albums.

Stendeck – Scintilla

On “Scintilla”, Stendeck provides an album that effortlessly mixes soft ambient and atmospheric components with deep and resonating rhythms into one cohesive combination, providing a remarkable and pleasing listening experience. It is a great album on which the artist masterfully combines both soft and hard elements, within each song as well as throughout the entire release, for an enjoyable and worthwhile auditory adventure.

Prospero – Turning Point

Prospero presents his new album, “Turning Point”, which introduces a wide range of musical stylings, but the variety of styles does not always meet with great results. Musically this album is all over the place, going from typical rock songs to rhythmic noise pieces to ambient constructions; the way it is pieced together here makes the entire thing feel disjointed and uneven.

Proyecto Mirage – Slaves of Capital

The Spanish industrialites Proyecto Mirage are back with a new album and a slightly new direction. “Slaves of Capital” showcases a little less harsh noise than previous releases and present more of an electro sound. Hopefully other artists in the rhythmic noise genre can learn something from this release and not be afraid to add some new ingredients into their musical recipes.

Distorted Memory – Swallowing the Sun

On “Swallowing The Sun”, Distorted Memory took the basic industrial/EBM formula and infused it with a wide variety of tribal and ethnic features, presenting a sound not often heard in this genre. Unfortunately, however, the standard industrial vocal effects diminish this release. Apart from the tribal ingredients, there is not a lot that sets this album apart from other releases in its genre.

Wieloryb – Empty

Wierloyb brings you a release with plenty of powerful, booming and rhythmic noises and beats – as would be expected for something released on the Hands label. Though some of the material can be a bit repetitive, the album never seems to become mundane or boring and most of the tracks are short enough not to lose interest.