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Caustic – The Golden Vagina of Fame and Profit

Caustic - The Golden Vagina Of Fame And Profit

CD, Metropolis, 2011

Welcome to Mr. Fanale’s most accessible release to date. As Caustic so aptly reiterates on the opening track, “The Golden Vagina of Fame and Profit” is all about the beats, rhythms and hooks. It is surprisingly catchy, and with just about every song featuring a very driving rhythm, this is one album that is definitely made for the dance floor.
“White Knuckle Head Fuck” could easily be the new industrial anthem for all the rivetheads out there. On “Hiroshima Burn” listeners will hear Caustic’s venture into good old-fashioned EBM of a sort that immediately hooks you in. “Orchid”, which features the talents of Unwoman, is a very pretty and bouncy but rather sad song; something totally unexpected, coming from Caustic, yet it works wonderfully.
Never fear, however, for the album still delivers many components that fans would expect from a Caustic release. There are plenty of aggressive and harsh tones throughout the disc, and the lyrics are still very tongue-in-cheek and not overly serious, as can be gleaned from the song titles. You still get gruff, though not distorted, vocals and plenty of yelling along with the music. There are even one or two songs where Caustic tones himself down a bit, for instance “Floor Whore Disko”. A good number of instrumental tracks, such as “Bulletproof Lolita”, “Carpe Rectum”, and “Darling Nicky’s Gnarly Dicking”, mix up the flow of the album.
There are a number of guest appearances here by such artists as Bitch Brigade, Faderhead, and Stromkern, plus the aforementioned Unwoman. These add a nice touch to the release, lending somewhat different emotions and feel to each song on which they are featured, though the album would stand on its own even without these guests.
One of the only drawbacks is that this disc is far too short, being just a little over 40 minutes in duration. Also, Caustic uses quite a few samples, and at times they feel forced into the tracks, though the samples incorporated into the instrumental tracks fit quite well and add a little spice to those songs.
It is very hard to pick a standout track. Everything is very appealing and catchy, and I would say almost all of the tracks are indicative of the entire album. Nevertheless, “White Knuckle Head Fuck” and “666 On My Crucifix” are definitely my personal favorites. “The Golden Vagina of Fame and Profit” is most likely going to be one of the top industrial albums of the year.


— Kevin Congdon

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