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Mobthrow – Mobthrow

Mobthrow - Mobthrow

CD, Ad Noiseam, 2011

This very promising debut release from Mobthrow presents an album that is, for the most part, full of mellow drum’n’bass and dubstep, but enhanced with a number of different characteristics. The album is quite moody, emotive and sullen, often having a meditative aspect to it. There is a good chance of falling into some sort of trance or daze while listening to “Mobthrow”.
The first two tracks, “Be Water” and “Rainwolf”, bring in some tribal and jungle elements. The tracks “Desert City Rising” and “Iron Tribal” incorporate some soundtrack ingredients, bringing an epic and grand quality to them. “Desert City Rising” and “Night Riders” add some live guitar, lending them a fuller flavor. “Street Breaks” brings in a subtle reggae influence. A few angelic vocal samples are heard on such tracks as “Angle Eyes” and “The 3 Marks”. All of these different and varying styles supply this disc with a
its mesmerizing aspect.
This is not to say that Mobthrow can’t demonstrate some heavy rhythms and grooviness as well. Tracks like “Bulb Engine” and “Iron Tribal” kick the beats into high gear, getting your body moving. There is always enough energy and bass within each track that you will want to tap your toes or nod your head, if not go full out on the dance floor. That said, the beats are never fully in your face, and they never feel like they are threatening to overpower the rest of the music.
One complaint is that the album is a bit short (at around 45 minutes), so the sense that you can really get the opportunity to fully enjoy or become immersed in this release is lessened. Also, while the album works well as a whole, it misses those tracks that truly stand out or are immediately memorable upon first listen. Despite that, “Mobthrow” is still a very infectious and worthwhile release.


–Kevin Congdon

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