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Sharps Injury – Back from the Dead EP

Sharps Injury - Back From The Dead EP

digital/MP3, Octofoil Records, 2011

The latest EP from Sharps Injury (another project of Keef Baker), “Back from the Dead”, is a release that would fit well on the Hands catalog.  Overall this album portrays an alien or outer space theme throughout, especially with such tracks as “The Krotons” or “The Dominators”. I even get visions of robots playing and working in their own little social community at times while listening to this disc.
This EP provides some rhythmic noise elements – especially the last track, “Chopsmaker” – but also brings in some dirty and deep beats on tracks like “Catkins” and “Lies are Fucking Cheap”. It also shows some ambient and less rhythmic elements on such tracks as “Bloodrun”, and you can make out some disturbing and oppressive sounds on “The Krotons” and “Catkins”. The entire release has a very disturbing and menacing, yet mesmerizing, feel to it while strong, yet not overpowering, rhythms are displayed throughout most of it.
However, I do find that some tracks tend to go on a bit longer than needed; they do not seem to be going anywhere and have a tendency to fall into monotony. Those with shorter durations (around the five-minute mark or less) are able to hold attention just long enough so that they don’t start becoming boring or too repetitive. In short, a good release from an artist that I hope will come out with more music that can harness the energy shown in this release in a more compact form.


— Kevin Congdon

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  1. Miguel de Sousa

    Fair enough, mr. Congdon. Personally, I found this release to be the sonic equivalent of scrapings from the floor of a meat-packing plant. I’ve heard better stuff offered for free in netlabels and such which makes it even worse as this is a paying release.
    Don’t misunderstand me as I’m an admirer of Keef Baker’s more polished works and even can laugh at unashamedly stupid like Mandr01d but sometimes, some things should stay in the drafts folder rather than put up for sale.
    My €0.02.

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