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Sinsect – Bug Life

Sinsect - Bug Life

FLAC/MP3/CD-R, Crunch Pod, 2011

If you’re looking for a release that provides pounding rhythms that will lead to armageddon on the dance floor, look no further than the second full-length from Texas artist Sinsect, titled “Bug Life”.  This album will drive you into submission with its harsh sounds, pummeling machine rhythms, and distorted, screaming vocals.  
One thing I particularly enjoy about “Bug Life” is that even though the lyrics are distorted to some extent, you can still make them out for the most part.  None of the songs are overly repetitive and there is a minimal use of vocal samples (though I don’t always think the samples actually add anything to songs), but all tracks will keep you moving and the dance floor packed. Sinsect also balances a fine line between showcasing instrumental and vocal tracks, and is proficient at making a smooth transition from each type on the entire album.  One of my favorite tracks is “Wake Up Screaming”, which is just a bit different when compared to much of the album – it’s a little less harsh (not though not any less powerful), and is more bombastic and ominous sounding than the other tracks on this release, as if harkening the end, the apocalypse.  Sinsect also provides a cover of Chemlab’s song “Derailer” – a bit more aggressive and distorted than the original, as can be expected from this artist’s style, and different and unique enough that it doesn’t make you feel that you would just rather listen to the original.
Overall this a very solid release, whether you are listening to it at home or hearing it on the dance floor.


— Kevin Congdon

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