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Colin Johnco – Another Electric Girl

Colin Johnco - Another Electric Girl

CD-R/free download, Colin Johnco Records, 2009

“Another Electric Girl” is a release from French resident Colin Johnco who I admit I can’t really find too much information on through a quick online search. We’ll just let the music speak for itself.
Up until the track “Pirate A” I thought I was sitting through another pleasant droney release. But in this track rhythmic sounds come to and fro and for a brief glimpse all sorts of pleasant chaos seeps through. “Def Leep” for a good part gives me the feeling of electronics running amok, or at least, being left to their own devices. It also features some interesting vocal and guitar work that add quite a bit of substance to the track.
The album ends with the almost 17 minute piece “Another Electric Girl” (the third track on this release with that title). Drones of various timbres glide along with delayed guitar strings and create a very smooth and unsettling atmosphere for the first half of the track’s duration. Field recordings of birds are also present and some very laid back drum playing towards the end make for an enjoyable ride. The piece ends with gentle drones that slowly fade into nothingness.
Colin Johnco’s “Another Electric Girl” is a very enjoyable 53:35 listening experience. It has a variety of sounds and moods it explores to keep you from getting too bored or completely ‘spaced out’. It keeps itself interesting and you won’t find yourself wanting it to be over. A very fine release!


— Charlie Martineau

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