Free releases

“Half Day Half Minute” is the latest album of Portuguese veteran project Sci Fi Industries and his first release since relocating to Memphis in the US (co-released by Thisco and Enough Records).

Also on Enough Records, M-Pex presents “iPhado”, the follow-up to his debut album “Phado” (reviewed here): a 5 track EP of Portuguese guitar sounds blended with electronics, produced almost entirely with an iPod and free tools from the Apple app store.

“Le Fil Du Temps” is the third album by French one-man project aAirial on the Austrian netlabel Laridae. A very personal album, ambient/idm, in a minimalist style.

“Fragile” is a rather interesting full-length release of emotionally dense music compositions by Hanne Adam under the adamned.age moniker.

Out on Kalpamantra, Osman Arabi’s “Beast Mutation Rituals” is anything but easy listening: a single track of oppressive noise ambient with what seem to be Diamanda Gal├ís samples.

Kalpamantra also offers “The Unreality Of Time”, a compilation of material by Cogwheel, Psychomanteum, Rasalhague and Taphephobia

Shrine “Harmony, Bliss, Rust” dates back from 2006 but this ambient album released on the Swedish netlabel Mirakelmusik is well worth checking out.

— recommendations by Dan Barrett and Miguel de Sousa

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