Program 20090209-0215

Part 1
(“February Chaos” with music selection by Invisible War)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Bleiburg – Jugendklang
[Way Of Crosses – The Eastern Front]
Aphelion – There Is A Darkness That Must Be Fed
[Lay – Shadowgraph Records]
Aphelion – Frozen Birds
[Lay – Shadowgraph Records]
I-Theist – Logos
[The Night Of Retaliation – Self Release]
NON – Deletion
[Might! – Mute Records]
The Grey Wolves / Werewolf Ensemble – Awake!
[Audial Decimation Compilation Vol. 1 – Audial Decimation Records]
Canaan – Scent Of Anguish
[Walk Into My Open Womb – Eibon Records]
Panzar – Pulse Induction
[Human Degeneration – Ewers Tonkunst]
Grunt – Wings Of Revolution
[Audial Decimation Compilation Vol. 1 – Audial Decimation Records]
Propergol – Initials L.B.
[Program Vengeance – Malignant Records]
Mutus Liber – A New Language
[Provided With Eyes, Thou Departest – Looking Forward To Silence]
Illusion Of Safety – Looking Forward To Silence
[Fifteen/Finite Material Context – Tesco Functional Organisation]

Part 2
(“self-termination in reverse” with music selections by M.)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Lambwool feat. Sonia S. – Photographic
[V/A – Electronic Manifesto: a French Tribute to Mute Records – M-tronic]
syn- / E.51 – Science sans Conscience
[Manolo on Juliet – self-released]
Warbaby – Organic Plastic
[Release – Le Petit Machiniste]
The Other Colors – Rendez-vous
[361 – LAC Records]
Alice In Videoland – We Are Rebels
[She’s A Machine – Artoffact Records]
Alter Der Ruine – Perfect Date
[The Giants From Far Away – Crunch Pod]
Ctrler – Nuclear Device (Proyecto Mirage remix)
[This Is Hardcore – Invasion Wreck Chords]
Ambassador21 – Zombie (feat. Schizoid)
[Akcija – Invasion Wreck Chords]
ESA – Your Anger Is A Gift
[The Sea & The Silence – Tympanik Audio]
Orphx – Surface IV
[Teletai – Hands Productions]
C/A/T – Global Power Elite
[The Prisoner – Crunch Pod]

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