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13th Monkey – Return of the Monkey

This second official release from 13th Monkey is what you would most likely expect from a release on the Hands label – pounding, distorted rhythms with plenty of harsh noises thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately, there is not a lot to differentiate “Return of the Monkey” from a large majority of other rhythmic noise albums.

Mana Erg – Idiosyncratic

While neither harsh nor particularly danceable, the album remains intriguing precisely because of its queer and, well, idiosyncratic nature, which clearly separates it from your average glitchy electronics. Definitely not as appealing to the mainstream a record as “The Blind Watchmaker”, it still works on its own merit as a more experimental expression of Bruno de Angelis’ work.

Synapscape – Traits

Following hot on the heels of 2009’s “Again”, “Traits” will not let any fans down at all, showcasing perfectly the German duo’s inimitable blend of complex rhythms and tense atmospheres. In addition to that fine contrast of distorted beats and clean synths we’ve come to know and love, there are of course a few new surprises to be enjoyed here.