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Strange2 & Nev.era – Diario Sonoro

Strange2 & Nev.era - Diario Sonoro

CD, Lovethechaos, 2011
www.myspace.com/strange2project / www.myspace.com/eranev81

A joint effort of Spanish artists Strange2 and Nev.era, I was without expectations when listening to “Diario Sonoro”, having not been introduced to their work before. As the opening moments of “Espacio” lull with their catchy melody, the glitch percussion resets the tempo, pulling the listener further in. What starts as a contrast of sounds quickly evolves into a showcase of balance, a yin-yang power struggle between the traditional melodic elements on offer and the intentionally artificial sound of the percussion, with assorted synths playing on both sides of this musical tug of war.
Each track has its own feel and character, from the children samples of “La Inocencia” to the tension of “Suepos Possibles”, but there is a common underlying feel in the album, a somewhat cinematic design in the way tempo changes, both within and between tracks, as if in accordance with the scenes of a film not yet made.
While uncertain if the above was the artists’ purpose, to their honour, the execution is masterful, bringing to mind favourable comparisons to the recent work of artists like Reznor & Ross, with the dreamy abstract quality and the shifts in tension that mark what would make a great soundtrack, yet one that enhances and defines the scene rather than solely belonging to the background of the action.
Spanning nine tracks and a respectable 45 minutes without ever leaving the listener feeling anything but captivated, “Diarion Sonoro” is a must-have album, one that has earned my utmost respect for both artists and which I feel obliged to heartily recommend to anyone with an interest in great electronic music.


— George Mouratidis

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