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Stendeck – Scintilla

On “Scintilla”, Stendeck provides an album that effortlessly mixes soft ambient and atmospheric components with deep and resonating rhythms into one cohesive combination, providing a remarkable and pleasing listening experience. It is a great album on which the artist masterfully combines both soft and hard elements, within each song as well as throughout the entire release, for an enjoyable and worthwhile auditory adventure.

SE – L36

This album absolutely deserves not to be forgotten on some ‘too experimental’ music shelf and should be recognized as a solid attempt to add something new to the overpopulated world of contemporary electronic music, adding grace, meaning and warmth to a genre that often misses these aspects.

Lucidstatic – Symbiont Underground

Despite the fluid shifts in mood each contributing artist brings to “Symbiont Underground”, this double album is a pleasure to listen to, gathering influence from a broad spectrum of genres and laying it all out over two CDs of what remains, in essence, pure Lucidstatic nastiness, made all the more offensive via distillation through the ears and machines of some of the most talented collaborators in the evolving industrial community.