Mana Erg – Idiosyncratic

While neither harsh nor particularly danceable, the album remains intriguing precisely because of its queer and, well, idiosyncratic nature, which clearly separates it from your average glitchy electronics. Definitely not as appealing to the mainstream a record as “The Blind Watchmaker”, it still works on its own merit as a more experimental expression of Bruno de Angelis’ work.

C.H. District – Conclusion

“Conclusion”, ironically enough, is a record that just leaves you craving the next offering, with a sound alternating from the alien of Beefcake and retro-club of Oil10 to the lo-fi of Tarmvred. Don’t let the comparisons fool you though, as the musical work here certainly has its own character and sound, managing to offer great continuity as an album without sounding repetitive.

Slew52 – Catalog

Overall, “Catalog” is a fine album, as long as the second disc is considered as bonus material, a glance into a different side of the artist but not an integral part of the record. The tracks found on the first disc are enough to please anyone craving good electronic music, provided you don’t mind the smattering of genres.