Ukkonen – Erriapo

Ukkonen creates rounded, mellifluous and pulsing ambience structured (or deconstructed) with understated anomalies. “Erriapo” thaws the gap between minimal techno and deep house, swaying occasionally one direction or the other, but always maintaining a delicate fluidity, nurturing the in-between space it establishes.

V/A – Myths & Masks of Karol Szymanowski: Music by Ukrainian Sound Artists

This tribute compilation gave eight Ukrainian sound artists the opportunity to freely represent their respective visions of Karol Szymanowski’s music, life and ideas. The result is a gorgeously packaged disc and twelve-page booklet. It is a collection for lovers of drones, glitch, noise and pure, eclectic experimentalism in sound – yet with strong classical nuances.

Mathias Delplanque – Passeports

Mathias Delplanque, an artist synonymous with sound installations and immersive compositions, delves on “Passeports” into the phenomenon of the ‘non-place’ – ubiquitous urban spaces formed in relation to certain ends (transport, transit, commerce, leisure). Instead of the identifiable field recordings we expect, Delplanque presents a series of polished ambient/experimental compositions.

Canartic – Modulotion

This guitar-based and electronic-backed offering of totally dubbed out and lathered down psychedelic downtempo from Canartic is everything an album name like “Modulotion” promises. Though song structures come across as similar, each breathes its own mix of elements so that, taken individually, the differences might as well be profound.

David Wells – Rojo

“Rojo” plays to expectations, its primary aspects in line with other drone work – circular motifs, rich textures and infinitesimal evolutions. It is a model for a genre that finds itself refined to a point where there is little left to discover, but immeasurable time to savor what has been done.