Twenty Knives – The Royal We

“The Royal We” can’t be analysed in terms of song structure or melody or harmony. It can’t be identified as sharing common percussive characteristics with other branches of electronic music. It’s not even worth describing their sound as ‘experimental’, because an experiment generally has an identifiable, valid outcome, and leftfield craziness that distorts perceptions isn’t what I would call a valid outcome. But if you can survive that, you’re in for a treat.

Typhoid – Simulazione Di Divinità

Perhaps it’s just that typical Italian passion shining through that makes Typhoid such a pleasure to listen to, perhaps it’s subliminal programming via music. I’m even willing to accept that it could be clever composition, careful production and intelligent application of rhythm. The fact remains that “Simulazione Di Divinità” is an absolutely lovely album and one I’ll revisit regularly.

Kifoth – Violence Corporation

Kifoth deliver, on “Violence Corporation”, pretty standard fare in the realm of electro-industrial. This is not to say that it’s more of the same formulaic harsh dance music – on the contrary, Kifoth manage, despite the sonically limited nature of their chosen medium/genre, to offer up, in varying degrees, doses of aggression, socio-political commentary and, believe it or not, fun.

Fiction City – Nova

If the pedestrian approach is overlooked, it soon becomes obvious that actual talent has been engaged and awoken in the assembly of the music. Sequencing, construction and arrangement are all crystal clear and tight, as is the mastering and levelling of the completed tracks. The instrumentation is also, for the most part, well defined.