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C.H. District – Conclusion

C.H. District - Conclusion

CD, M-tronic/Tympanik Audio, 2010

After a five-year absence, Miroslaw Matyasik, aka C.H. District, is back with his sophomore full-length album, “Conclusion”. The long wait since the well received “Slides”, also released by French label M-tronic, seems to have paid off.
While not the most impressive track on offer, “Con-truest (edit)” works as an opener in setting the direction of this release. The rhythmic drum work manages to be prevalent without being overbearing, forming the framework for the exquisitely alien synthscapes and drones that cover and dominate the higher frequencies. “Shrink” follows in the same vein, the chiming sounds lending a playful note to the initial drone-laden sound.
The first of two intermissions, “0#1” works nicely as a bridge towards “Burnout” a slower, yet solid collaboration with fellow Polish artist Synta[xe]rror. The title track, “Conclusion”, is a thoroughly danceable affair, its beat-driven pace coupled with some unintelligible yet surprisingly fitting lyric samples, providing a track that is somewhat simpler than the other offerings, yet fun.
In contrast, “Creep” follows with great elegance in the construction of a complex pattern while simply using the most abstract of sound bits and synths in one of the highlight tracks of the record. Still, “Practical Tool” is by far my favorite track of the record, the glitchy rhythm providing an excellent backdrop to lo-fi synths that will literally haunt you with their catchiness.
On a more synthpop note, “Like a Human” works nicely as a composition of C.H. District’s sound and Tomtylor’s vocals, if not as a surprising (yet welcome) exception to the overall lack of lyrics in the album. The second intermission follows suit, preparing the listener for the album’s final track, “Go Out”. Opening like something out of a NES game soundtrack, it follows in the same vein as “Practical Tool”, retaining the retro elements but swapping out the glitchy sound for a clean and equally catchy club track.
“Conclusion”, ironically enough, is a record that just leaves you craving the next offering, with a sound alternating from the alien of Beefcake and retro-club of Oil10 to the lo-fi of Tarmvred. Don’t let the comparisons fool you though, as the musical work here certainly has its own character and sound, managing to offer great continuity as an album without sounding repetitive. Kudos to C.H. District for a job masterfully done.


– George Mouratidis

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