Tag: 2010

Kabutogani – Bektop

This is the type of thing that masquerades under the guise of being slick & artsy, and the naysayers just “don’t get it”. The only thing to ‘get’ here is that “Bektop” is the lazy result of throwing a whole bunch of rough, directionless sketches onto a CD and thinking that because it’s annoying and hard to listen to that it is inherently ‘artistic’ and ‘deep’.

The PCP Principle – Rhythmus Ex Heretica

There are two main elements to this recording – crunchy noise beats and symphonic melodies – and no matter how you slice it, they simply don’t fit together that easily. Each aspect is done well on its on, but the jarring juxtaposition is too radical to be particularly likable. If you’ve always wanted to hear Final Fantasy sped up and set to fast-paced rhythmic noise, your opportunity has come at last.

Mathias Delplanque – Passeports

Mathias Delplanque, an artist synonymous with sound installations and immersive compositions, delves on “Passeports” into the phenomenon of the ‘non-place’ – ubiquitous urban spaces formed in relation to certain ends (transport, transit, commerce, leisure). Instead of the identifiable field recordings we expect, Delplanque presents a series of polished ambient/experimental compositions.

Canartic – Modulotion

This guitar-based and electronic-backed offering of totally dubbed out and lathered down psychedelic downtempo from Canartic is everything an album name like “Modulotion” promises. Though song structures come across as similar, each breathes its own mix of elements so that, taken individually, the differences might as well be profound.

David Wells – Rojo

“Rojo” plays to expectations, its primary aspects in line with other drone work – circular motifs, rich textures and infinitesimal evolutions. It is a model for a genre that finds itself refined to a point where there is little left to discover, but immeasurable time to savor what has been done.