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13th Monkey – Return of the Monkey

This second official release from 13th Monkey is what you would most likely expect from a release on the Hands label – pounding, distorted rhythms with plenty of harsh noises thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately, there is not a lot to differentiate “Return of the Monkey” from a large majority of other rhythmic noise albums.

The PCP Principle – Rhythmus Ex Heretica

There are two main elements to this recording – crunchy noise beats and symphonic melodies – and no matter how you slice it, they simply don’t fit together that easily. Each aspect is done well on its on, but the jarring juxtaposition is too radical to be particularly likable. If you’ve always wanted to hear Final Fantasy sped up and set to fast-paced rhythmic noise, your opportunity has come at last.

Wieloryb – Empty

Wierloyb brings you a release with plenty of powerful, booming and rhythmic noises and beats – as would be expected for something released on the Hands label. Though some of the material can be a bit repetitive, the album never seems to become mundane or boring and most of the tracks are short enough not to lose interest.

Orphx – Radiotherapy

“Radiotherapy” is a subtle, somehow fragile, blend of simultaneously complex and simple rhythmic elements; insistent blips and cracks emerge, always appealing, never irritating. Stepping down from the harder, pounding beats of albums such as “Insurgent Flows”, this new work is a welcome return to the more atmospheric tones of earlier times.

V/A – 2010 Hands

“2010 Hands” follows suit from previous instalments in this compilation series, presenting material by a variety of artists, from relative newcomers to label staples along with material by lesser-known side projects. In the end, most of the contents of this compilation should come across as fairly familiar to those used to the musical aesthetics of Hands Productions. Nevertheless, there are a few surprises which make it worth checking out.