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Libido Formandi – Insignificancy Rising

Libido Formandi - Insignificancy Rising

CD, Hands Productions, 2011

Libido Formandi is a curious name, bringing to mind suggestions of an awakening sexuality and growing lust. I could almost imagine some young unfortunate putting this album on upon arriving home with a young lady, hoping to lure her into bed. Well, there are surely many sexy and cool moments in this album, which would appeal to ladies in the dark electronica scene, but overall the sounds contained within are far too dark and harsh for seducing an unsuspecting victim!
“Insignificancy Rising” is the debut album of this Greek artist, who provides little information online, creating an admirable sense of mystery. The short ambient opener, “Other”, immediately gives the potential lover a feeling of dread, blending smoothly into “Vis”, where syncopated beats kick in and dirty bass alludes to more vigorous activities than coming back for “coffee”. “Anonymous Imaginary” has a haunting chord progression and a great cutting lead line which might really put the guest off sex, but is let down by overly heavy bass drums at times. In “Overcome” we hear a subtler combination of deep beats, at odds with the violence implied by the title, followed by the more appropriately fearsome “Unknown”, one of the darkest and most convincingly executed tracks.
On “Desire” we are left with little doubt of our hero/villain’s intentions, the claustrophobic atmosphere and disturbing sounds depicting well his inability to restrain his urges. Next, “Determination” presses forward with a suitably insistent beat, contrasted with an almost playful melody, perhaps representing dubious attempts at flirtation and flattery. “Uncanny” certainly is that, with disjointed, unsettling scratches and crackles over a frantic bass rhythm, our man getting desperate now as failure is imminent! Finally, with “Insecurity” we might imagine the unlucky lady has successfully made her exit, leaving her pursuer alone and horribly disappointed, uncertain herself if he might give her more trouble in the future. It is certainly a strong tune to end on, with a fine mix of beats, noises and chords.
Following this we have two good remixes, Subheim adding driving rhythms to “Other” and Hydrone giving “Vis” a sinister horror film edge. Overall, then, we have a commendable first effort, with just a few areas hinting at inexperience and lack of originality, but loads to enjoy now and a definite sense that there are good things to come from Libido Formandi.


— Nathan Clemence

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