May Roosevelt – Haunted

Beyond just being an excellent record, “Haunted” expertly and memorably addresses the pertinent question of the role and influence of traditional music in contemporaneous electronic music, and is sure to appeal to a wide and varied audience, from electronic music enthusiasts to appreciators of world music. A showcase of excellent and talented musicianship, its main flaw is its short duration.

V/A – 2010 Hands

“2010 Hands” follows suit from previous instalments in this compilation series, presenting material by a variety of artists, from relative newcomers to label staples along with material by lesser-known side projects. In the end, most of the contents of this compilation should come across as fairly familiar to those used to the musical aesthetics of Hands Productions. Nevertheless, there are a few surprises which make it worth checking out.

synnack – v2.5

“v2.5” can be a very tough nut to crack as one of those albums that, upon first listen, one immediately knows is excellent but can’t really explain why. On occasion, listening it almost feels like tuning an FM receiver in the middle of the night: even if revisiting ‘familiar’ areas of the FM spectrum you never know what you will find or how it will shift.