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Twinkle – Processing Industry

Twinkle - Processing Industry

CD, Audiotrauma, 2005

I was fortunate to witness French project Twinkle’s live set at this year’s Audiotrauma festival in Vesoul. These guys are great live and have a unique act that helps distracting from the two men and a box that is so commonplace.
This is rhythmic breakbeat industrial, very well composed with some intelligent drum patterns and great melodies that are very infectious. “Processing Industry” includes the track “la Dictée”, which for me is every bit a classic anthem of our times, and also features remixes by fellow label mates Brilliant Beast, Sonic area, Chrysallide and Acrylik and an absolutely pounding remix by Aggression.
Twinkle’s sound is distinctly hardware through a distortion pedal but don’t let this detract from the fact that “Processing Industry” is a quality release. The drum loops are evidently distorted using external hardware which, although considered passé in some circles, is used to good effect (so full respect to Twinkle for keeping it hands-on and real in a world which is now dominated by computer based music). Although the sound is basic, some of the rhythms and melodies are so well structured that they help to flesh things out and make “Processing Industry” a full-bodied industrial-strength release.
The only downside to “Processing Industry” is that there are only five Twinkle tracks and six remixes. Personally, this should have been the other way round, as I would prefer to hear more of Twinkle’s sound than the label mates.
Definitely one to hunt down.


— Matt Smith

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