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Detune-X – Burnow!

Detune-X - Burnow!

CD, Rustblade, 2005

Rustblade, the label that brought us Bahntier, unleash Detune-X, hardcore industrial at its best. “Burnow!” is very similar to industrial techno/gabber styles and incorporates hypnotic hard edge beats with grating precision percussion. Each track is a version of the same theme with refinements, additional sounds and samples. This release just crushes. Fast paced hard edge rhythms pulse out of the speakers, hypnotic and pounding to the last, with some really saturating loops that draw in the listener and fantastic hypnotic sounds coupled with crisp and harsh percussion.
Although not overly inspirational or thoughtful, Detune-X clearly doesn’t care and does what he does best and that’s hard driving hardcore industrial to the last. There is nothing fancy or creative here, just four-to-the-floor early morning dance floor stompers. Given some of the more involved and creative/artistic noise projects out there, it is a change to hear something that is simple and effective and just gets to the point. This is music you can just switch off to, with great production and minimal artwork: just the way I like it.
My only criticism is there are only nine tracks, however this is more than made up for by the fact there is a large match in the cd case. Good stuff.


— Matt Smith

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