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Sizzle – Full Screen Ap%gy

Sizzle - Full Screen Ap%gy

CD, Facthedral, 2005

Frankly speaking, music from French projects has constantly impressed me in a favourable way. It feels as if they are getting their inspiration from some other, very different source than projects from countries like Germany, UK, Belgium, USA or Canada (even though it wouldn’t be correct to assume that electronic music from these countries sounds the same). For some reason this release from Sizzle has led me to such conclusions. Not because it is something very special, but as a part of a set of French releases I recently heard.
After starting with unhurried ambient, full of different noise installments, Sizzle unexpectedly morph their sounds to an experimental area, in the middle of the second track, “Videotech”. So the music for several minutes becomes more rhythmic and structured. After that we can hear ambient again, but this time even more impregnated with noise, which soon again transforms into a more precise structure. “Cathodic Education”, one of the last tracks, may be one of the best tracks in this CD – it presents unhurried electronica which brings about mental images of a city at night, full of lights and the special charm of night streets. “Full Screen Ap%gy” ends with a huge (over 13 minutes) track where a kind of selection from the previous tracks may be heard.
The main faults of this release are a certain monotony as well as similarity between some tracks and music parts which make it lose some interest.


— Igor

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