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Sil Muir – Sil Muir

Sil Muir - Sil Muir

CD, Diophantine Discs, 2009

Packed in an oversized cardboard box – which is one of the visual trademarks of the San Diego based label Diophantine Discs – lies a well hidden secret entitled Sil Muir. The silkscreened trees on the outside give away the source of these recordings, being wood: The material guitars are made of. The result is an organically journey through the majestic minds of Andrea Ferraris and Andrea Marutti, who we all (SHOULD) know from their alter ego’s Ur and Amon / Never Known.
Four tracks of beautiful ambience create one hour of the best guitar ambient. Sometimes with scarce melodies, then with ultra deep resonance, built from many modulated and treated sounds and well used reverbs, but always with emotion. And it’s the emotional layers that make this release as beautiful as it is.
The track titles give you an insight on what emotions come to mind when listening to the tracks. For example “The Spring That Never Comes” which has a tension where ‘hope’ and ‘despair’ are in full balance. And the Epic 23 minute masterpiece “We Don’t Need Time, We’re Already In Eternity” which leaves you in a state mind which resembles deep hypnosis … Impressive!
These two Italians prove they know what they are doing and no matter which instrument you give them, they will amaze you with their output.
As for Diophantine Discs? This label has already shown their good taste and their right of existence with CD and vinyl releases by amongst others Sshe Retina Stimulants, Telepherique, Moth Electret (side project by Raan) and Sigillum S. Be sure to also check out their side activities under the name Tape Fiend. And yes, that one is tapes only!


— Bauke van der Wal

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