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nonnon – The Entitlement Generation

nonnon - The Entitlement Generation

MC / download, Automation Records, 2009

The (for me fully unknown) label Automation Records releases music which many of you will like. With just a few clicks and a little browsing with their Discogs entry as starting point there are links to be found to Tigerbeat, Warp Records, Component and Ad Noiseam. Not my exact cup of tea, but I’ll give it a try.
“The Entitlement Generation” is labelled as experimental hip-hop influenced IDM, and even though they are right about the different ingredients, the IDM shouldn’t be mentioned as main ingredient. It’s more dubby, hip-hoppy experiments with beats, where you can clearly hear IDM influences at certain moments, but it’s kept within the experimental stage.
One of the things that made me giggle more than once is the originality some people seem to have concerning titles for tracks. Just like it’s a fully experimental art on its own. The cassette (or download if you prefer) has some brilliant titles like “Coil is Playing at My House (My House)”, “They Get it from an Elf’s Head” and the definitely very hippie-friendly “Gangbangin’ on Earth Day (Patchouli Mix)”.
Dave Madden, the SLCian behind the nonnon project, collaborated earlier in his career with Lapsed on the Ad Noiseam album “The Death of Convenience” – a glitch-hop opus in which they colaborated with MC’s Subtitle, Bleubird, Buck Dexter, Nonsense and Nongenetic (of the Shadowhuntaz), as well as fellow electronic artists Mothboy and Raoul Sinier. And based on what I’ve heard so far, I can only place this release in that direction as well, albeit with the remark that you have to expect the more unexpected this time. The ‘experimental’ says it all.


– Bauke van der Wal

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