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Noise Dreams Machina – In / Out

Noise Dreams Machina - In / Out

7″ Vinyl, Drone Records, 2008

The noisiest of a recent batch of releases by Drone Records is something of a new name, one Oscar Martin under the moniker Noise Dreams Machina – a name that fits perfectly in the Dream Machines theme from Drone Records.
The two tracks on this release are simply called “In” and “Out,” and they were created using a collection of free or homemade software and field recordings. The result is quite immense and bombastic and definitely not easy listening. “In” is thematically based on in-your-face noise, later combined with more minimal layers. “Out” begins with a drone and is later joined by dissonant structures, but the drones keep evolving in the background. Just the second track makes this vinyl release worth buying!
The milky-transparent vinyl is presented in a simple white cover with black prints of plugs, and the label description mentions “File under: Advances Electro-Acoustic Drones.”


— Bauke van der Wal

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