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Lolita Terrorist Sounds – Rudiments and Bases for the New Millennium

Lolita Terrorist Sounds - Rudiments and Bases for the New Millennium

CD-R, self-released, 2009

This 4 song EP release by the sonic mastermind, Maurizio Vitale on Titanium Sound Factory is adequately described by Maurizio as likened to Miles Davis and Einst├╝rzende Neubauten.
The first song, “Sun rising in East Berlin and going down in West Naples”, is an acid jazz odyssey that manically shifts structure in an experimental blend of piano, synth effects and acoustic percussions. “Naples is Burning (tonight)” gurgles playfully as a hand drum competes with synth hits and sways that slowly evolve into synthetic sirens. “Italsider’s Ruins” waltzes with epic jazz drums and synthline jabs reminding me of an outtake from Blade Runner. The songs introduces a unique pad mid way through that sounds like the bastard child of a didgeridoo and is a perfect mood setter for the song . “Metropolitan Hoodoo” is rapid fire percussion panning amidst the piatti and echoes of synth whines. This song illustrates someone desperately trying to run from a fierce metropolis, stumbling falling and getting back up to run some more.
This release will be a favorite of the experimental scene but a little too unique for the mainstream. But this will be the mainstream’s loss as this album is brilliant in its simplicity and ability to draw the listener into the fray via arrangements and ambiences.


— James Church

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