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Life Towards Twilight – An Eclipse

Life Towards Twilight - An Eclipse

CD & free download, , 2008

I seem to be reviewing Bottle Imp releases in the wrong order so, even this being their debut, I pretty much could guess from which direction the music would approach me and I wasn’t wrong. Life Toward Twilight are a surprise in that it’s most likely the first time I have heard an ambient act from Detroit. These things are usually confined to the darkest depths of Europe, which has the upper hand generally in these circles. Fair to say though Life Toward Twilight play a strong hand and hold up fairly well in the grand scheme of things from the start.
“An Eclipse” is a basically a three-track EP; high resonating drones filter over the top of screeching, metallic pitches that sound not too dissimilar to old rusty gates, and I could swear blind there is a harmonica in there somewhere as well (though I could be wrong).
This is a body of work that is fundamentally structured with feedback, and some areas filter through the noisy and distorted. This desolation is occasionally saved with the vocal talents of Elyse Reardon. It is one saving grace, because this comes in just when Life Toward Twilight heads dangerously close to lousing it up big time. Unfortunately though it is not quite enough to stop them heading down mediocre pathways and teetering off into pointlessness, which is a bloody shame as this had a lot more promise than was actually delivered. However, I did like the old backwards long-player at the end; it pressed my weirdo buttons and made me smile.
Nothing spectacular.


— Tony Young

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