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Brand New Day – Style

Brand New Day - Style

CD/Maxi Single, BND Productions, 2008

Featuring Aidan Casserly apparently… Umm, okay, anyhow. Brand New Day has to have one of the catchiest hook-line leads I have heard in, like, ages. So much so it drives into your skull and without knowing it you end up cursing yourself for humming it whilst out and about walking or shopping or whatever. Yes you got it: “Style” is Europop, cheesy, cheery and unashamed, but the more I try to despise the original track I just can’t fault its immediacy on the ear. It’s ridiculous – then there are the vocals.
I really can’t help but think that even synthpop aficionados will turn up their noses at this one. If you are going to get someone to sing, first and foremost at least make sure they can, because this is utterly destroyed as soon as he opens his trap, and no amount of remixes (what appears to be about a million of the same track) redeem this, nor give any justification for it being subjected upon the public. About five tracks in I never felt more like going out and committing random acts of homicide.
Eurovision piffle.


— Tony Young

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