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L’Ego + Teatro do Mar – Os Ladrões do Tempo

L'Ego + Teatro do Mar - Os Ladrões do Tempo

CD, Thisco, 2005

The Portuguese label Thisco is renowned for releasing more artistic projects and this latest offering is exactly that, drawing on a multitude of styles and influences such as mainstream ambient, tribal and Jazz with hints of dark ambient and the obscure, coupled with a feeling of lounge music.
“Os Ladrões do Tempo” is a very eclectic release utilising the more natural sounds of guitar, glocks, horns and pianos over the occasional sounding drum patterns. However, eclectic, as opposed to keeping to a distinct formula, isn’t necessarily an advantage as this CD jumps from ambient, to jazz influenced electronic, to obscure electronica and to tribal rhythm electronica. Overall, it didn’t seem to mesh very well for my liking. A more logical approach to the CD structure would have benefited here, as well as shown some logical progression.
From the initial track, this is a very lightweight electronic release and quite random in composure. Nearly every track floats from guitar/piano/wind instrumentation to rhythmic tribal style rhythm and drums, which isn’t wholly displeasing. Very light and clear, with some well thought textures and sounds building up to some excellent climaxes, the last three tracks are quite dark electonics and are really quite good.
This release is very happy sounding for the most part, occasionally descending into the darker side of electronics, with some eerie spacious and minimal dark ambient used to good effect. Well crafted and highly polished with some nice touches, I would think “Os Ladrões do Tempo” as more adequate for easy going days or café bars.


— Matt Smith

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