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Kilowatts – Love On Saturn

Kilowatts - Love On Saturn

download-only, Thoughtless Music, 2009

I go back and forth on whether I enjoy this EP or not, but it takes a much more traditional techno-friendly approach towards electronic music. The houseish elements make me feel like I’m trapped in a sushi-bar or annoying cafĂ© somewhere in Moscow (or some of the more trendier parts of west Europe). But this EP does contain some unique aspects to it.
There are only 4 tracks on the EP, and they are all ridiculously long (something really exciting needs to happen in a song for it to be 9 minutes long). Both “Love on Saturn” and “Hyperion Hustle” use a similar approach. The formula appears to be put together a few soothing house loops repeating over an extended period of time, and then fade-in a ridiculous amount of out of place loops. So it seems like a parade of loops is happening, while the same 4/4 bass loop repeats throughout the entirety of the track. “Polar Orbit” is the track that stands out the most on the EP. While it does utilize similar motifs as the other tracks, it takes a more progressive song structure and has much catchier loops. If you listen closely, you’ll notice that there seems to be way too many loops running at the same time.
This release doesn’t really work well as an EP, because you’re just left hoping to hear more of what Killowatts has to offer. While it is amusing to see someone trying to run one-too-many loops over a house beat, it just doesn’t catch my attention as much as I’d like it to. If I heard more, I might be happier. The only phrase that comes to mind is bipolar ape at a fashion show.


— Lemmy S.

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