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Jerôme Chassagnard – The Time from Underneath

Jerôme Chassagnard - The Time From Underneath

CD, Hymen Records, 2011

“The Time from Underneath”. Kind of sounds like the title of a 1950s sci-fi film, or some Victorian Gothic short story. Well it does in my head, and, by the sounds of things, I think Mr. Chassagnard had similar ideas. There is something very spacey sounding about this album; the way the music sounds and moves just feels otherworldly. Lush swathes of electronica, a little violin, interesting samples, and not nearly as beat driven as a lot of other music of recent note.
Starting slowly with “Silent City” and a strange sense of foreboding, the album then crashes into “In Search of Gravity” – it does actually sound like something making a crash-landing in water – and from there all the tracks seem to work in the same way. That is to say, they’re all very connected with each other. “Space Boat” sounds just like the title suggests, and it is quite easy to visualise it.
This is an album that needs to be heard as an album . The way the tracks work together, it would be hard to separate them – although “Forseen” is possibly the most accessible track, as it is the most dance floor-friendly soundtrack you’re likely to get – it has an almost Kraftwerk-like sound to it. There’s also resemblance to early Future Sound of London and even some Sven Väth throughout the entire album.
I don’t want to describe this music as IDM or basic electronic music, as it has so much more going for it. There’s real depth on show here – it’s like a soundtrack that was written for the best science-fiction book you’ve ever read; it’s dreamy techno for post-clubbing chilling out; it’s music you want to lose yourself in on your headphones. It’s quite simply gorgeous, and for music I wouldn’t usually connect with, this easily deserves my first 10/10 for 2011. Essential listening.


– Kate Turgoose

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