Pandora’s Black Book – Born Into Death

Pandora's Black Book - Born Into Death


01. Born Into Death (2010 revise)
02. Sworn (2010 revise)
03. Second Coat
04. Denial
05. Viscera (original)
06. Whiteout (Checksum mix by Mangadrive)
07. Born Into Death (Born Into Doom mix by Human Error)
08. Dark Passenger (Arcade mix by Mono Penguin)
09. Biomechanix (Malfunction mix by Mono Penguin)
10. Jaded (PiG FaT mix)
11. Dark Passenger (Dub mix by Shad0w)

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About this release

A remix companion to “Black Brothel” released on Tympanik Audio in 2009 (review here), “Born Into Death” presents new and updated Pandora’s Black Book material as well as remixes by Human Error, Mangadrive, Mono Penguin, PiG FaT and Shad0w.

About the artist

With careful attention to cohesiveness and alluring dark ambiance, Pandora’s Black Book commands an air of maturity and function, expertly merging shadowy melodies, haunting pads, rich atmospheres and infectious beatwork to arrive at a solid collage of intelligent down-tempo, yet abrasive Industrial works that will not soon be forgotten.


All original music written, produced and performed by James Church alias Pandora’s Black Book (www.facebook.com/pandoras-black-bookwww.crlstudio.com/pandoraa – www.tympanikaudio.com/artists/pandoras-black-book)
Remixes by
Tom Box/Human Error (www.reverbnation.com/humanerror2009)
Mangadrive (www.mangadrive.net)
Mono Penguin (www.reverbnation.com/monopenguin)
PiG FaT (www.reverbnation.com/pigfat)
Shad0w (www.soundcloud.com/shad0wetg)

Artwork by Tom Box

All material is © Pandora’s Black Book 2011

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