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Figure – When The Alphabet Hides In Your Mouth

Figure - When The Alphabet Hides In Your Mouth

CD-R, Static Signals, 2004

This being my first contact with the work of Figure, I made a critical mistake, namely listening to this record while on the street. I only realized what horrible injustice this did to the album upon listening to it as instructed in the CD booklet: alone and by darkness.
Figure are as serious with their art as it gets. The musical structures within this album are quite a handful, ranging from organic ambiences and slow metallic percussion, to sheer walls of static and droning buildups, adorned occasionally with wind instruments. All these combine into chaotic and eerily complex soundscapes that, despite their great level of quality, are not the main focus of the disc, but merely a stage, a backdrop that serves only one purpose, showcasing the vocals.
Haunting to the point of being outright creepy, the vocals are not the standard noise-fare of distorted voice. Crystal clean, howled and chanted, they’ll grab your attention by the balls purely by strength of drama and emotion, resulting in a record that is not only immensely dark, but heavy as well (that coming from an avid powernoise fan), a true “opera for open eyes closed”, to quote the booklet. “W.t.A.H.i.y.M” is not easy listening, and as a limited 100 disc release, I see this one becoming quite a collector’s item. I for one, am glad I have it among my records.
Listen alone, listen in the dark and listen carefully… only then can you truly appreciate “W.t.A.H.i.y.M” for what it is, a disturbing walk through the darkest paths of the musician’s mind, and through it, to yours.


— George Mouratidis

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