Program 20050329-0404

Part 1
(“Ethan is Greatness” with music selection by Crippled.Hope)
Atomica – Delorian
[web release]
Icon Of Coil – Activate
[Serenity is the Devil – Tatra]
Syntax – Message
[Meccano Mind – Illustrious Records]
Juno Reactor – God is God
[Bible of Dreams – Blue Room Release]
Klinik – Rotary
[Dark Surgery – Hands Productions]
Gridlock – Invert
[Formless – Hymen]
The Galan Pix – Use the Flashlight
[Pink Film Edition – Flatline Records]
Christ Analogue – Cradle and Debase
[In Radiant Decay – Re-Constriction Records]
Pig – The Only good One’s a Dead One
[Wrecked – Wax Trax / TVT]

Part 2
(“Untitled #20050329” with music selection by M.)
De Mange Machine – I nhibition
[Conscience – Brume Records]
NIMP – the unexpected
[Development Concept for Formulation of NIMP – Parametric]
Brian Eno – Dear World
[The Drop – All Saints]
Frank Zappa – Night School
[Jazz From Hell – Zappa Records]
Mimetic Tale – The Spectre (Zonk’t remix)
[Personal Plot – This.Co]
I:Gor – Niekochani
[Barwy Kolorow – M-Tronic]
Tekniq – Flamm
[Shazbut! – Hive Records]
Henrik N. Björkk – Not One Of You 1
[I End Forever – Horch! Audio]
Telephérique – nerv.sys stimmung
[nerv.sys – Ant-Zen]

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