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CTRL – Lost In Static

CTRL - Lost In Static

CD, Diffusion Records, 2009

The lads from CTRL celebrated their first decade in music by releasing their fifth full-length, a very promising album called “Lost in Static” which was preceded by the six-track single of the same name in December.
“Lost In Static” is a very danceable album, which can be described as a cross between synthpop and EBM with a quasi-gothic edge to it. Perhaps there’s even some association with Futurepop, without being a clone of any of the most known names of the genre. In comparison to previous CTRL offerings, there is a certain ‘lightness’ to “Lost In Static” and an evolution in sound, with more prominent guitar work and more complex melodic elements. This clearly shows that CTRL is still a vital act, far away from settling into comfortable territory and stagnation. Lyrically, “Lost in Static” is quite diverse, without a common theme yet very distinctive, delivered by Brad MacAllister in his characteristically clear and well-articulated vocal style.
Easily spotted is the first single, “Lost in Static”, but it’s not the most promising track of the album. From the very first track you get upbeat songs, including an optimistic ballad called “No Answer” with a very ’80s feeling to it. Tracks like “I Can’t Keep” are wonderfully dark and easily blend with tracks like “My Guest” and “Head On”, which have a more synthpop feeling to them. Another interesting piece is the ballad “Underground Rain”, a mostly instrumental, moody piece incorporating elements more in line with experimental music and IDM, and an apt conclusion to the album.
“Lost In Static” not only makes you smile, it also grows on you and it’s a keeper, having a song for almost every mood. A very solid and engaging piece of songwriting talent and accomplished musicianship, it certainly has potential to be one of the most played albums in 2009.


— Rachel Anderson & Miguel de Sousa

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