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Alphanaut – Jennifer

Alphanaut - Jennifer

CD, MAD Music, 2009

This EP features Alphanaut’s “Her Eleven Eyes” and various versions of “Jennifer”. The overall sound of the EP is what I would categorize as alternative ambient.
Firstly we have the “Universal Expansion” version of “Jennifer”, a nicely done long running tune with relaxing background atmosphere setting up Alphanaut’s story of “Jennifer”. Midway through the song the strings take over and add a touch of drama to the song. Also on the EP is a short edit of “Universal Expansion” mix, a condensed version of the song. Next up is the “EP Version” which is a more stripped down version of the tune. Not too much to this one, as it fails to establish its own identity. On the other hand the final version of “Jennifer”, the “Alternate e3o Version” has more character. The backing electric guitar fits the mood of the song much better. As well as the ending of it gets some acoustic guitar treatment backed by subtle stings.
Finally we have “Her Eleven Eyes” which has more of an experimental feel to it and is very minimal in its instrument use, it defiantly ads a bit of a twist to the overall mood of this release.


— Ivan K.

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