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Accomplice Affair – Samotny Horyzont

Accomplice Affair - Samotny Horyzont

CD, My Hands Music, 2009

The first situation that comes to mind while listening to Accomplice Affair is watching whales swimming in the vast blue ocean, somehow free and unaware of the dangers that lie above their massive strange head. Filled with light ambient drones and clean textures, as well as fine guitar riffs that will make you forget everything that’s making you angry.
It will force you to sit back on the park bench and watch the birds fly around you, and will transport you to another place. It will make you realise there is so much beauty in the world that you don’t know, and you must find out where it is before it’s too late. Guitars with delay invade your head and fill it with that great numbness we sometimes must have. The tracks are quite minimal and similar to one another. Do not expect dark textures and evil drones. This work is for those stressed out people in need of a relaxing moment. It is ideal for a yoga session or some sort of tantric sex with your partner. Be very careful not to fall deep asleep, however. It might actually induce you into a long blissful coma, one from which you might never want to come out. Listening to too much of it can mellow you down completely, but it can also totally make you bored, because of the endless use of similar synths and effects. The whole work follows the same idea all the way through, like if someone is blowing flowers onto your face, hugging you and running together through a field of sunflowers with no visible end or no conscious starting point. One can almost feel the numbness at some parts of this album.
If you are into these kinds of ambient textures, nice and lightweight sounds that could actually lift you from the ground if you get into it for too long, then it’s good stuff. My suggestion is to turn on the Discovery channel and watch the fish swim through the sea, sit back, put Accomplice Affair on the headphones and enjoy total bliss as it drives your mind into the ocean.


— João Ricardo

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