Sylvgheist Maëlström – Lahar (Part One)

Sylvgheist Maëlström - Lahar (Part 1)


01. (12) Katrina
02. (13) Lahar
03. (15) Xynthia
04. (17) Eyjafjoll
05. (18) Chicxulub
06. (19) Toungouska

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“Lahar” is also available as a digipack CD edition directly from the artist at www.sylvgheistmaelstrom.com.

About the artist

Sylvgheist Maëlström was created in 1995 by Julien Sylvgheist a.k.a. Sylmalm.
At the first beginning, the idea was to link death metal and Industrial music but, over the time, it has mutated into industrial minimal ambient. Atmospheric sounds are built from dully and jarring slicks. Minimalism and repetition are principles and functional systems, close to industrial design.
Working with few sound elements, composition is outside melody. The aim is to build and to give fullness to the sound, to take listeners towards hidden mental spaces. Finally, rhythm integration in these deep surroundings manipulate the set to an industrial trance, always developed with progressive collage sounds.

About this release

“Lahar Part one” is the evocation of the Mount Saint-Helens event, (18th in may 1980, 08h32) where a huge and massive volcanic material earth movement (a Lahar) has destroyed human civilization in Washington state.
The concept is to describe as a sound, the deep and uncontrollable movement of nature.


All tracks originally written and produced by Sylmalm (www.sylvgheistmaelstrom.com)
Composed between 2000 and 2010
Recorded during August 2010 in Paris.
Mastered by Herman Klapholz (Ah Cama-Sotz)
Artwork by Mathieu Orioli: massen_grab@yahoo.fr
Web by Am&in
Images by Harald Finster, Bertrand Robion and Sylmalm

All material is © Sylvgheist Maelstrom 2010. All Rights Reserved

“Lahar” is NCB024

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