Program 20071112-1118

Part 1
(“Copycat” with music selection by DJ Istabmyhead)
Unspeakable Pop Artist – Unspeakable Pop Song
[Unspeakable Album – Unspeakable Label]
Wumpscut – Pest
[Embryodead – Beton Kopf Media]
Wumpscut – Womb
[Embryodead – Beton Kopf Media]
Severe Illusion – Proud
[Discipline Is Reward Enough – PAF Records]
Cabaret Voltaire – Crackdown
[The Crackdown – Some Bizzarre]
Skinny Puppy – Testure
[VIVIsectVI – Nettwerk Records]
Q Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses
[Goodbye Horses – All Nations Records]
Klangstabil – You May Start
[Taking Nothing Seriously – Ant Zen]
Front Line Assembly – Retribution
[Implode – Metropolis]
Numb – No Remorse
[Language of Silence – Metropolis]
Unmentionable Artist – Unmentionable Song
[Unmentionable Album – The Label That Cannot Be Named]
Snog – Businessman
[Beyond the Valley of the Proles – Hymen Records]

Part 2
(“20071112-18-B” with music selection by M.)
Talvekoidik – Rough Baltic Shore
[Silent Reflectins – Brume Records]
Tonikom – Nightwalk
[Epoch – Hymen Records]
Twinkle – La Victime Volontaire
[Le Jouet – Audiotrauma/Ant-Zen]
100blumen – The Flower They Come
[In Floriculture There Is No Law! – Ant-Zen]
Sam & Valley – Hey Ho! Says Anthony Rowley
[Stupid Love or Smart Laugh – AFE Records]
CTRLer – Sexy Posse
[This Is Hardcore – Invasion Wreck Chords]
Yuki Tendo – Stream Blue Murder
[Saturnine – Le Petit Machiniste]
Click Click – Hopi
[Shadowblack – OFF-Beat]
Fanny – The Universe Will Destroy You
[Shoebomb Hurricane – Sublight Records]
Lapsed + Nonnon – God Is A Glitch (feat. Nongenetic, Subtitle + Bleubird
[The Death Of Convenience – Ad Noiseam]
Dino Felipe – Lucid In Janet’s Planet
[Dino Felipe Is Sleeping – Marvellous Tone]

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