Program 20070709-0715

Part 1
(“Industrial Dub Tribe” with music selection by Andrew Clegg)
Ah Cama-SotzLugnassadh Rite I (02:39)
[La Procesión De La Sangre – Hands]
Ah Cama-SotzLugnassadh Rite II (04:52)
[La Procesión De La Sangre – Hands]
WastelandShadow Line (05:06)
[October – Transparent]
Doubting ThomasClocks (04:21)
[The Infidel – Wax Trax!]
CoilWindowpane (Astral Paddington Mix) (05:37)
[Windowpane – Wax Trax!]
MinistryQuick Fix (feat. William S. Burroughs) (04:14)
[Just One Fix – Sire]
MemorandumNew Primitivism (04:31)
[Ars Moriendi – Cold Meat Industry]
CdatakillYou Are Mine (05:08)
[Valentine -Ad Noiseam]
EmpusaeLamer Urco (07:03)
[Error 404: Metaphorical Loss – Hands]
Eat StaticScience of the Gods (09:44)
[Science of the Gods – Planet Dog]

Part 2
(“Tripping the Archives” with music selection by M.)
Synapscape – Freedom Kiss
[Act! – Ant-Zen]
Elekore – Didn’t you know dystopia is already here?
[Voluntary Human Extinction – Syrphe]
Skinny Puppy – Ugli
[Mithmaker – Synthetic Symphony]
Snog – Crash Crash
[Snog vs. the Faecal Juggernaut of Mass Culture – Hymen]
Deathboy – Amphetamine Zoo
[End Of An Error – Line Out Records]
Battery Cage – Do you even remember me now?
[A Young Person’s Guide to Heartbreak – Metropolis]
Frontline Assembly – Dopamine
[Artificial Soldier – Metropolis]
Tannhauser – Estructura Violenta
[A New Biostate – Caustic Records]
Sista Mannen På Jorden – Glömt det där (dNt RMX)
[Tredje Vånningen – Energy Rekords]
FAQ – Learning 2 Fly 2005
[Is Pornography Art? – Synthetic Product Records]
Rupesh Cartel – About Denial (Rename Club Mix)
[The Disco And The What Not – Megahype]

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