Last One Out Please Turn Off The Lights

Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens – Favourable Destination Tequila
[Highway Driveway – Plastic Sound Supply]
Twenty Knives – Square Brain
[The Royal We – Hymen Records]
Alla Zagaykevych – Mithe IV- K.S.
[Myths & Masks – Kvitnu]
Anklebiter – Hawk Is Tits
[I Will Wait – Tympanik Audio]
Prometheus Burning – Mindbenders
[Displacement Disorder – Augmented Records]
ohGr – Comedown
[Undeveloped – Synthetic Symphony]
Jjanto Cleefworth Morriconez – Desert Prayer
[The Poquito Pioneer – Wil-Ru Records]
Architect – The Shadow Of Eve (David Partido Remix)
[Upload Select Remix – Hymen Records]
The Teknoist – Prototype Of A Ninka Nekromaniak (with Homeboy)
[Trainwreck Magnetism – Ad Noiseam]
Çuta Kebab & Party – Xutabomba
[Çuta Kebab & Party – Soopa]
Snog – Real Estate Man (Ubin Offer Affordable Solutions)
[Relax Into The Abyss – Hymen Records]
Cisfinitum & the [law-rah] collective – [ANS]werk
[[ANS]werk – Fario]

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— music selection & mixing by M.

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