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Cardopusher – Mutant Dubstep Vol.2

Cardopusher - Mutant Dubstep Vol.2

CD, Spectraliquid, 2008

Barcelona-based Venezuelan DJ/producer Luis Garban has been ostensibly active under the moniker Cardopusher since 2005, accumulating a few releases under his belt, as well as compilation appearances and remixes. He is the focus of the second volume of the “Mutant Dubstep” series from the Greek label Spectraliquid which presents three original tracks and remixes.
Despite the production quality and some engaging composition elements, I feel that this release falls quite short of the advertised 100% adrenalin. It could be a matter of personal taste but I tend to associate high-octane music with harder and faster rhythms. While I feel that these tracks would be quite suited for a bar setting, I can’t imagine them working on a packed dance floor (though I can be wrong as altered states of consciousness can work wonders) and I can’t shake an unpleasant feeling that Cardopusher sticks to a formula and doesn’t veer much from it. Perhaps there isn’t much room to manoeuvre in a 3-tracker but a willing or good artist could inject more variety that what is on display here. Cardopusher nearly does that with “Cockpit” a track which, though not particularly intense, is noticeable due to its consistent flow, rich programming, deep rhythms and bass – a highlight to this release along with Innasekt’s remix of “Toothsmasher”.
In the end, “Mutant Dubstep Vol.2” provides the listener with a short and somewhat formulaic experience, even if is not without its charms, but which probably will not have much appeal to people beyond a universe of dubstep DJs and enthusiasts.


— Miguel de Sousa

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